Stock and Shares


Stocks And Shares

Prospurts offers share trading online through Demat and & trading account. We formulate the strategies and help our clients to achieve alpha on consistent basis over period of time.

Different types of Trading offered by Prospurts

  • Cash Segment
  • Futures and options
  • Commodities
  • Currencies
  • Interest rate futures
  • Option Strategies
  • Arbitrage Trading

1) Why should I open an account with you?

Customized trading/investment strategies across investor profiles and time horizons. Wide range of investment products on offer such as Equity, Derivatives, Currency and Commodities. Trading platforms with Desktop/Web/Mobile/Call-N- Trade options. In house research desk for long term portfolio building and.

2) Am I eligible for opening a trading account?

Any individual resident of India, HUF NRI, proprietary firm, partnership firm or company can open a trading account with us.

3) How do I open a trading account with you?

To open a trading and Demat account, please contact us. We will arrange the forms and list of documents.

4) How long will it take for the account to be activated?

As soon as the customer completes the account opening process, the account shall be activated in 3-5 working days and the client can start trading, with the Client Code & Password mailed to the client

5) Is the username same as my trading code?

No. Your Trading code is different from your username. The username provided to you can be used to access online account opening website. Trading Code is mailed to you separately after account opening process is complete.

6) Why do I have to give cheque before opening the account?

Funds transfer is just an acknowledgement of your interest in opening the account. On Account activation, this ENTIRE AMOUNT would be credited to your account. What’s more, you can use the ENTIRE AMOUNT for trading as well. There will be NO DEDUCTIONS AT ALL from the funds that you transfer.

7) I am not comfortable transferring funds online

We would like to assure you that our Payment Gateway for Internet Banking is absolutely safe and secure, there are more than 7 lakhs customer with us who use this facility multiple times daily to transfer funds daily for trading/investing.

8) Which banks can I use to transfer funds?

We have tied-up with over 63 banks to make funds transfer convenient for you. You can transfer funds through any of the 63 banks.

9) When will the payment get credited to my account?

The payment will reflect once your account is activated.

10) Can I register my nominee?

ABSOLUTELY, you will be required to fill a physical nomination form, provide a copy of PAN card of your nominee along with other required documents for us to consider the same.

11) Can I have a co-applicant?

ABSOLUTELY, you can have a maximum of 2 co-applicants to your application.

12) Does it cost me anything to open an account?

We offer customized brokerage schemes suited to your trading requirements, so the cost depends on the scheme that you choose while opening your trading account with us.

13) What if I already have a Demat account with another DP?

In order to use our Online Trading Platform, you will be required to have a demat account with us. If you opt for our offline trading mode, you can continue using your existing demat account.

14) What are the different modes available for trading?

There are three ways in which you can place a trade with us:

  • From our Desktop Trading Application
  • Online Web Trading Platform
  • Mobile Trading App:

For Individuals

FOR INCOME PROOF – Last 6 Month’s Bank Statement / ITR Copy / Form 16
ONE CANCELLED CHEQUE (Name & Account number should be printed on cheque).

For Partnership Firm

PAN Card of Partnership Firm
Partnership deed containing the clause that the entity can trade in shares & securities
Certificate of Registration with Registrar of Firms
Bank Passbook /Bank Statement /Bank Verification letter
Cancelled cheque leaf
Letter signed by all partners, mentioning (i) Name of all the authorised partners who can sign the document on behalf of firm
List of all Partners along with the details of their share holding and a photograph, duly signed across
Audited Balance Sheet for past 2 years or Net worth certificate in case of newly firm
CA Certificate certified by C.A.


PAN card copy of HUF and Karta
Bank proof/Bank Passbook/Bank Statement /Bank Verification letter of HUF
Cancelled cheque leaf of HUF
Address proof of Karta
Declaration of family members specifying the Name, Relationship and Date of Birth of each member in KYC
Income Tax Return of HUF for past 2 years/Net worth certificate duly signed by C.A (on the letterhead of the C.A)- if newly form firm.

For Corporate

PAN Card of Company
Bank Passbook/Bank Statement /Bank Verification letter
Cancelled cheque leaf
Certificate of Incorporation with Registrar of Companies
Audited Balance Sheet for past 2 years or Net worth certificate certified by C.A (in case of newly company)
Memorandum & Articles of Association (MOA and AOA) containing the clause that the entity can trade in shares & securities
If there is any change in Directors – Form 32 or List of Directors, duly signed by Company Secretary & Challan (MCA)
Latest Share Holding pattern (incl. list of all shareholders holding shares more than 5% in the share capital of the company), duly signed by Authorised Signatories.
Board Resolution for Authorized Signatories.
Details of individual promoters holding control-Either directly or indirectly
CA Certificate certified by C.A
PAN card of all Promoters / Directors / Authorized Signatories
Address Proof of all Promoters / Directors / Authorized Signatories