80 C Tax Deduction calculator Calculate, how much Tax you can save, by investing in tax saving schemes as per Income Tax act.

Eligible Investment Sections
Enter the invested amount
Enter your total income for the year
Equity Linked Saving Schemes (ELSS)
Employee Provident Fund (EPF)/Public Provident Fund (PPF)
National Saving Certificate/Other Postal schemes
Premium for life Insurance
5 Year Tax saving Bank deposit
Repayment for House loan (Principal Portion)
Tution fees for children
Total deducations under 80 C
Total Income after deducations

About 80 C Tax Deduction calculator – You can calculate the amount of Tax you have saved or you can save by investing in tax saving schemes

What is Income tax Deduction? – Each of us has to pay income tax to the Government. Income tax is calculated at a particular rate ( like 10% of income of 20% of income) on our overall income. However, Government gives benefit to income tax payers on doing certain savings or investments. The Government in turn , uses these saving to finance their development projects like Schools, roads, dams etc. This saving or investment for tax savings, is assumed, to be not as a part of the income, of the payer deducted from the income of the payer. Thus, income tax payer can save income tax by putting his money into specified investments.

Basis – Choose the investments you have made or you plan to make to save income tax. Enter the amount of your investment or investment you want to make, in the scheme( You can choose multiple investments ) You will get the savings you have made or maximum savings you can make by investing as per income tax act.

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