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Investment Planning practice at Prospurts

After establishing the broader outline through the process of Financial Planning, the next crucial step is to create a detailed investment plan. Inve...

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Construction of Financial Plan

In continuation of our wealth management process, creating a financial plan is the core operation. And if you think “I don’t need a financial plan...

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Wealth Management process at Prospurts

Wealth management is neither magic nor about having an exotic portfolio. Effective wealth management is a research-driven, detail-oriented, highly tai...

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Navigate your wealth journey with Prospurts

What does wealth mean to you? Is it a means to enjoy life or indulge in your passions? Is it the way to secure your loved ones and yourself from pain/...

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If you can’t be like Tendulkar, focus on being like Dravid

Rahul Dravid is 3 months elder to Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin debuted in first class cricket, Tests and ODIs in 1989 and at that time Rahul was still in ...

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Not everyone needs a term plan – Do you need it?

Three types of people do not need a term plan: 1.Student 2.Senior Citizen 3.Ignorant person Who needs a term plan?? Anyone who loves his/her family an...

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