Wealth Management process at Prospurts

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Wealth Management process at Prospurts

Wealth management is neither magic nor about having an exotic portfolio. Effective wealth management is a research-driven, detail-oriented, highly tailored, transparent and comprehensive process that encompasses all areas of your financial life and enables you to achieve financial independence.

At Prospurts, we pour our years of experience and trusted expertise in financial planning and wealth management to focus on your complete financial situation and offer tools to help you seamlessly navigate your wealth journey. We employ a series of steps in helping you make sound financial decisions and life choices to get the best outcomes.


Our process starts with you. Establishing your goals and defining our relationship lays the foundation of financial planning and wealth management, giving us clarity about the financial destination you wish to reach.

We strongly believe that the purpose of money must follow the purpose of life, not the other way around. And very often, we see clients who have a financial destination but no goals or have goals that are not their own and borrowed from someone else. So, we always dig deeper to uncover anything and everything from immediate financial goals to dreams about retiring in the hills or travelling the world.

You are unique and so is your definition for wealth, based on your unique experiences, needs and risk appetite. We believe that your wealth management solution must reflect this uniqueness to empower you to effectively and seamlessly achieve all your goals. So, we never assume your objectives are the same as those of any other person and insist on hearing from you about what you desire and what you will need in the future. We review your expectations with you and understand priorities, their relationship with what we have learnt about you, etc.

Assessing and understanding you’re current financial position gives us a clear starting point on the road your unique financial objectives and destination. We start by gathering information and examining your:

  • Assets (and their fair market value)
  • Liabilities
  • Monthly cash expenditures
  • Insurance – life & health

This is followed by a thorough discussion to reveal any immediate actions that may be necessary before proceeding with our analysis.

The Financial Planning Stage. Based on the financial objectives/ goals identified and the data collected, we analyze your financial information to develop realistic tactics and robust strategies for your individual financial plan. We pay particular attention to high-priority areas of your plan.

Based on our rigorous, nuanced and up-to-date understanding of economic trends and market conditions, previous experiences, trusted expertise and the latest information we are constantly receiving, we carefully design the right plan for your needs and desires. So, the more inputs you provide us, the more uniquely tailored your the plan will be to help you navigate your financial journey.

Continuous consultation with you during and after laying out the strategies and the plan help us ensure that we haven’t missed anything. It also helps us ensure that you thoroughly understand every aspect of the strategy. We take time to answer all your queries and doubts before starting work on your investment plan.

Investment Planning Stage. Upon adoption of the financial plan, we can then present an investment plan for you. As part of presenting an investment plan, we take the following steps.

  • Selecting Investment Variables
  • Analyzing existing investment portfolio
  • Recommending an investment portfolio

The Implementation Stage. Even the best plans are worthless without proper implementation. We walk hand-in-hand with you to transform your plans into action and work relentlessly with you to make your financial objectives a reality. We extensively use technology to execute investment trades.

Closely Monitoring the Portfolio. The wealth management process does not end with the implementation of the plan. We continue to monitor the progress, and as your circumstances and desires change, we update and improve the initial plan. We invite questions from you and assist with day-to-day financial decisions.

At Prospurts, we are committed to building mutual trust, which always outweighs the mutual benefit, and so, invest our resources on building and nurturing a long-term relationship with each of our clients.

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