Navigate your wealth journey with Prospurts

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Navigate your wealth journey with Prospurts

What does wealth mean to you? Is it a means to enjoy life or indulge in your passions? Is it the way to secure your loved ones and yourself from pain/ unforeseen circumstances? Is it about achieving your lifelong goals?

From our years of experience, we know that wealth has a different meaning and significance for everyone. It is only when you understand what it means to you will you be able to make financial decisions and life choices that lead to the best outcomes. At Prospurts, we insist on beginning the wealth journey with this understanding and then figuring out what is right for you.

We understand the value of sound financial planning and wealth management for seasoned professionals, new age entrepreneurs and busy corporates who have many events to plan for ranging from

  • Buying a house
  • Children’s education, especially if you are planning to send them abroad
  • Children’s wedding  
  • Most importantly, retirement. 

    Retirement brings happy thoughts to most people and rightly so. It does mean no long work shifts, relaxing with coffee and newspaper in the morning, taking those trips that you always wanted to take or pursuing new passions. However, retirement spans 30-50 years where the inflows will stop and expenditures mount, especially on health care and maintaining a similar lifestyle. To be financially independent and spend these years seamlessly, especially if you are a salaried professional, you need impeccable retirement planning. 

We know that the whole process may seem intimidating and that it is easy to lose track of your investments with your busy schedule. This is why we have made our range of financial planning and wealth management services sophisticated yet simple to understand.

Prospurts is a research-backed wealth management company that combines in-depth and nuanced knowledge of today’s financial world with a sensitivity to future trends to provide timely and impactful portfolio management services to all our clients. Our approach is that we tailor smart, data-driven and well-researched investment solutions that best suit your unique needs, contexts, risk appetite and risk capacity that we learn about through client profiling and behavioural analysis. This approach enables you to seamlessly and effectively meet your short-term and long-term goals. Our investment team closely monitors and keeps track of your investment to pick up red flags and provide you with actionable insights at regular intervals/as and when required.

By using technology for execution and communication, our list of distinguished clients spans across all the major cities of the world. We are a trusted team of wealth managers headed by Gautam Bhasin, a qualified CA and a seasoned expert in the Investment Advisory/ Wealth Management domain with 18+ years of experience and ably assisted by Abhishek Mittal (CFA, CAIA) with 10+ years of experience who heads the wealth division.

We partner with you through your wealth creation life cycle to ensure that you avoid the big mistakes of investment. For which, we focus on behavioural alpha through discipline and a sound portfolio construction process. This will be the difference between financial success and failure as those who achieve behavioural alpha will tend to outperform those who try to achieve market alpha.

At Prospurts, we provide you with trustworthy, transparent and impactful wealth management services that bring you the best outcomes. We work relentlessly to enable you to navigate your wealth journey smoothly and achieve your life and financial goals effectively.

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