If you can’t be like Tendulkar, focus on being like Dravid

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    If you can’t be like Tendulkar, focus on being like Dravid

    Rahul Dravid is 3 months elder to Sachin Tendulkar.

    Sachin debuted in first class cricket, Tests and ODIs in 1989 and at that time Rahul was still in college trying to debut in first class. Any normal person in Rahul’s shoes would have thought that he hasn’t yet had a chance to play first class cricket and here is this guy, younger than him who has already played ODIs and test matches for India.

    By the time Rahul played his first Test and ODI for India in 1996, Sachin was already a super star in the world of cricket and was also the captain of the Indian Cricket team. By that time Sachin had already played 38 Test matches with 55 innings scoring 2483 runs with 8 centuries and 13 half centuries. He had also played 102 ODIs with 99 innings scoring 3212 runs with 4 centuries and 22 half centuries and 12 man of the match awards.

    At this moment Rahul had the option to think negatively and get depressed that he is too late as compared to Sachin. He could have probably tried to emulate Sachin’s style to be as successful as him or instead could have followed his own path. And well he behaved rationally and followed his own path keeping his limitations in mind and did fairly well by the time he retired.

    Comparative record of famous Indian batsmen

    Name of the Player




    100s 50s Runs 100s 50s
    Rahul Dravid 13288 36 63 10889 12 83
    Sachin Tendulkar 15921 51 68 18426 49 96
    Sourav Ganguly 7212 16 35 11363 22 72
    Virender Sehwag 8586 23 32 8273 15 38
    VVS Laxman 8781 17 56 2338 6 10

    He retired as one of the world’s most famous and well respected cricketers.

    Well, the whole idea about giving this example is that most of the investors who come to us for the first time think that they are late in life and that others have probably saved/invested much more than them. Sometimes they get discouraged and do not even start the investment journey as they give up after looking at someone else’s (friend/family) portfolio or they try imitating someone else and in the process take high risk and eventually leave as they feel investing in stocks & MFs is not their cup of tea.

    The idea is to take this challenge of building your portfolio in the Rahul Dravid way. Yes, it is difficult to maintain the discipline and not get swayed by the noises coming from all sides. There is a possibility that by the time you retire someone else might have a bigger portfolio than you as they may have started building their portfolio earlier in life but the best part will be that you will have a sizeable portfolio which will be good enough for your long term goals.

    So, start whenever you can while keeping your risk taking capability and liabilities in mind. It doesn’t matter if you can’t be Sachin Tendulkar, try to be Rahul Dravid (by ignoring who is investing how much and where, by keeping your own profile, cash flows and target in mind). Mind you it is not easy being Rahul Dravid, to be like him requires lot of discipline and dedication.

    Let’s take a look at how one’s investment will grow while following in the footsteps of Sachin Tendulkar (by starting at the age of 28 yrs) and Rahul Dravid (by starting at 35 yrs of age):-

    Return Schedule for Regular Investments
    Age (in years) Investment per month Annual Increase in Investment Years till Retirement(at 60 years) Total Investment Total Value of Investment @15%
    28 Rs. 20,000 10% 32 Rs. 4.82 cr Rs. 34.2 cr
    35 Rs. 35,000 10% 25 Rs. 4.13 cr Rs. 19.9 cr
    43 Rs. 76,000 10% 17 Rs. 3.69 cr Rs. 11.2 cr

    You can see that by starting at the age of 28 years and increasing the monthly investment by 10% each consecutive year, the person will be able to accumulate a corpus of ~Rs. 34.2 crore by the time he retires at the age of 60. But the important thing to observe is that by even starting at 35 years of age one can accumulate a corpus that will be sufficient to fund his/ her post-retirement expenses and needs.

    So, even though it is great to start early don’t be disheartened if you are late in beginning your investments. Follow Rahul Dravid’s footsteps and be the master of your own journey. Although, it is absolutely fine to even settle for being like Ganguly, Sehwag and Laxman when it is about investments. Start where ever you are in the journey of life. You are never too late when it is about starting your investment portfolio.


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